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A word from the general manager

From the very first moment of its launch in 1987, the Modern Technology Company has taken upon itself to create an institution to develop modern technological services suitable for the Palestinian people. To achieve this, it developed all necessary plans and strategies, armed with the sound vision of its board of directors, and the awareness of the strategic partners and beneficiaries of its services, so that this Palestinian company would have its own distinct personality and identity.

Perhaps the development of providing information technology services in the Palestinian, Arab and international market with better quality is a source of pride for us in the Modern Technology Company, as we are always looking to develop and upgrade the quality of services and software, overcoming all obstacles surrounding us.

These obstacles did not prevent the company from continuing its interest in the development and development of its staff in all fields, in order to be in the ranks of the first companies that established this sector decades ago to enter the Arab and international markets, through the latest electronic systems that competed in many local, Arab and international exhibitions. And we have won many certificates, decorations and shields in the various competitions in this field.

It has been, is, and will remain for the Modern Technology Company, its active role in social responsibility, as we support many charitable institutions, institutions for people with special needs, graduates and owners of pioneering ideas, with our services and experiences over the long years.

Rasim Fayez Mushtaa

general manager


الريادة في إبتكار وتطوير مشاريع برمجية تصنع الإبداع من العقبات ، ومساعدة المستخدمين على التحول الرقمي .


منذ اللحظة الأولى لانطلاقها في العام 1987، أخذت شركة التقنيات الحديثة على عاتقها إيجاد مؤسسة لتطوير خدمات تكنولوجية عصرية. ولتحقيق ذلك، وضعت كافة الخطط والاستراتيجيات اللازمة، مسلحة بالرؤيا السديدة لمجلس إدارتها، ووعي الشركاء الاستراتيجيين والمستفيدين من خدماتها، ليكون لهذه الشركة الفلسطينية شخصيتها وهويتها المميزة.


الرضى – الدقة – الخصوصية – الابتكار – سرعة الاستجابة  .