What is DigiDocs?   

As the number of unions and member of societies have been growing steadily in recent years, MTC saw a need for tool to help these organizations administer the affairs of their members. Hence, the MAS package was developed for the purpose. MAS can be customized to cater for the specific needs of the end user. This can be achieved since the program includes in its design a section of constants that deals with the regulation of the organization and can be modified accordingly.

 Why DigiDocs?

Manages, tracks and archives all documents & correspondences.

An efficient tool for archiving internal & external correspondences.

Classifying & indexing of documents by any chosen subject.

Records all information about clients and partners.

Can be remotely accessed through the internet.

Allows for a variety of reports and statistical analysis based on wide range of variables.

Can be used on any network and supports all windows platforms.

Increases administrative efficiency.

Reduces the cost of benefits.

Who is DigiDocs for?


Private clubs.


Any membership based organization.